Sustaining the RNC

I received my annual blue and gold “Sustaining Member” card from the Republican National Committee today. If I’m sustaining the RNC, then it is in trouble.

The RNC hasn’t gotten any money out of me in a couple of years, but it sends me a new card each year that says I’m a member since 2002. I stopped giving as my doubts about the party began to rise. And when I did give, it was only at about $25 or $50 a year. So that made me a Sustaining Member. I wonder what the good givers get called.

I receive mailings all the time from the committee. A few months ago, I returned it and said I will not start giving until the GOP gets serious about campaign finance reform — no money included. I’m sure that hand-written message from a Sustaining Member went straight to the RNC chairman.

But it’s not just campaign finance report, other issues that are important to me include the following:
— Environment (save it now)
— Iraq (bad war, bad decisions)
— American jobs (they’re just as important as corporate profits)

You get it. I’m sounding more and more like a Democrat every day. But I have my complaints with them, as well.

As for right now, I’m sustaining no one, at least not a political party.


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