Learning to be on God’s team

I work with some great people, the Communications Team of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. We’re having a retreat this week, a time for us to get connected and become a true team providing service to the BGCT and its churches. Even though I’m the director of this team, I’ve stayed in the background this week and have let the others lead. They said some things about being a team that I really like. Here’s some of their paraphrased comments so far:

Looie Biffar: The best way to say “thank you” to God is to use your gifts.

Shirley Smith: One would think that Jesus, of all people, would need a team. … But He did — His disciples.

Glenn Majors: In relationship building we are constructing an uncommon unity.

Glenn: Harvest the boldness that is within you.

Glenn: Make what is inside come out.

Rand Jenkins: We do this because we love God.

Jason Hilliard: I felt the heat of the candle (referring to a candle that represented the presence of God in a spiritual labyrinth). … The more I thought about that verse, the less I wanted to leave that spot (which represented the presence of God).

I’m a fortunate man to work with such people.


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