The mystery of the Spirit

“The operation of the Spirit in believers … is a great mystery. He works more on them than they feel or know; and they feel more than they can express in words; and they express more than any who have not received ‘the same Spirit of faith’ (2 Cor. 4:13) can understand.”

Those are the words of Puritan Robert Traill. I read them this morning in Iain H. Murray’s book, Pentecost – Today? The Biblical Basis for Understanding Revival (Banner of Truth, 1998, p. 5)

I love to read something that resonates with your own thoughts or experience even though you have not been able to articulate it as such. This was such a reading.

Here are a couple of other quotes from Murray’s opening pages:

“If we could understand revivals they would not be the astonishing things which they are.” (p. 5)

“Our thoughts are not to be left hanging loose like clothes impeding one who must run. We must earnestly desire to understand.” (p. 6)


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