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What do we do in the aftermath of another mass shooting?

As we all grieve over the senseless killings at First Baptist Sutherland Springs, I have grappled with what to say personally at a practical level. I have arrived at this: … Continue reading

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The verbs of Mary’s praise

I love to focus on verbs. Mary, the mother of Jesus, used the following verbs in her song of praise to God (Luke 1:46-56): “My soul magnifies the Lord, … … Continue reading

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Freedom and equality go together — the Bible affirms & we proclaim

A community in Quebec has done an interesting thing. The people of Saint-Apollinaire voted to not allow a Muslim cemetery in town. They did so for a rather high-minded reason. … Continue reading

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Video on civility

Video on civility Edited Transcript Ferrell: This morning a friend and I were having breakfast and the topic came up about the lack of civility in our political a discourse … Continue reading

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Some advice to communications students

I stumbled across my notes for a presentation I gave Oct. 15, 1988, to Christian college students pursuing careers in communications. I had been out of college 11 years at … Continue reading

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Old wolf of racism appears in alt-right sheep’s clothing

Alt-right racism is both like and unlike the old racism. Like — it sees the white race as superior and in need of protection. Unlike — it is generally educated, … Continue reading

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The appeal and problem with pacifism

Pacifism appeals to all who seek to follow Christ. Jesus said turn the other cheek and to treat your enemies the same as you do your friends. Because Jesus followers … Continue reading

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What if civil war came to Texas?

Imagine Texas finally seceding from the Union as so many have blustered through the years. Lots of planning has occurred, and it takes the United States government a while to … Continue reading

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Teachers, we thank you for helping us become all that God intended

Their names stick in my mind with the glue of memory — Moore, Smith, Emerson, Coffman, and Sandoz. They left more than their names in my mind; they were my … Continue reading

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Celebrating God’s creation on Earth Day

I was fortunate to participate in the Georgetown, TX, Earth Day March for science today. A good crowd turned out, while cheered from the March path and honked horns of … Continue reading

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